To love like the man, with nothing to lose
and die with my heart on my sleeve

“…There is a tale, as old as the Ancient Ones themselves, that one would arise who has that gift: to sing all the chantments, the high notes and the low, the swift rhythms and the slow. And this person would be more powerful than even the Ancient Ones were, as powerful as the gods themselves.”

Inspired by the book, The Singer Of All Songs by Kate Constable. 

Calwyn has never been beyond the high ice-wall that guards the sisters of Antaris from the world of Tremaris. She knows only the rounds of her life as a novice ice priestess, tending her bees, singing her ice chantments, and dreaming. 

But then Calwyn befriends Darrow, a mysterious Outlander who appears inside the Wall and warns of an approaching danger. To help Darrow, to see the world, and perhaps to save it, Calwyn will leave the safety of the Wall for a journey with a man she barely knows—and an adventure as beautiful and dangerous as the music of chantment itself."

1) The Voice - Celtic Woman // 2) Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard // 3) Into the Wild - LP // 4) Breathing Underwater - Metric // 5) Who Are You, Really? - Mikky Ekko // 6) Walk On By - Noosa // 7) Landscape (demo) - Florence & The Machine // 8) Perceiving Eye - Jessita Reyes & Ben Tavera King // 9) I Never Learn - Lykke Li // 10) Heavy In Your Arms - Florence & The Machine // 11) Silver Line - Lykke Li (Bonus Track

[1/5] favorite movies (X) | SCREAM 2 (1997)
Yea? Well, you’re forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis.”
"What’s that?"
I fucking killed him!”

Ireland || Countries to visit.

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SINF || Josh Newman ||

"In the last couple of days, I’ve been Awakened by a buried legend, ridden on the back of a dragon and fought the Horned God. I’ve been to a Shadowrealm and seen a tree as big as the world. I’ve watched men change into wolves and dogs, seen a woman with the head of a cat… or
maybe it was a cat with the body of a woman.” - Josh Newman

Kiss Kiss | “Bad Kids with Good Alibis” Edit.

I was working on an edit and it came out terrible and now i hate myself

SINF Characters || Joan Of Arc ||

“It’s a wonder irony isn’t it? I’m married to the Master of fire, but yet I am terrified by dreams of fire.”


Legends Of Aothein

|| Character List || 
|| Protagonist || — Eothan 

|| BIO ||

"We have no last names, we are all named by the sound the wind makes as we are born. The first sound we hear becomes our name." Eothan made a series of whooshing sounds with his lips, it sounded like wind at first but underneath it, the name was clear. Eothan.

Born into the secret order of Hunters, Eothan is the protagonist of this story. The hunters are a fierce tribe of warriors and healers. Dedicated to the light and to the eradication of darkness, a private and secluded group of people, choosing to live in the darkest parts of the forest. The hunters have a vow, keep the darkness contained in the crystal chamber that lies underground. For 600 years the darkness was contained beneath the ground in a crystal chamber, until it was unleashed, wiping out the entire line of Hunters, all but three. Eothan being one of the survivors is sent out into the world, to warn the people, to recruit help and to stop the darkness from spreading. A task that Eothan was eager to accept, in hopes of avenging his people. 

A kind soul, eager to prove himself to others. Eothan is very brave, there is no fear in his heart. Hunters can not be afraid, they must live with an open heart and a trusting soul. “It helps keep the light within, and darkness out”, his mother would say. Playful and hopeful, Eothan embarks on his quest alone, determined to find others who will rally to the cause. He is unaware that the world outside the forest has changed and the Hunters have become a fairy tale, a legend parents tell their children to keep them from having nightmares. 

His abilities vary and are a mystery even to himself, he understands his physical world more than the magical world. He understand combat very well, a prodigy at archery and skilled at double swords. Wears the White Hunter uniform during battle and is not afraid of attracting attention to himself. 

He begins his journey by heading north, to a kingdom in the high mountains. A kingdom ruled by three kings. He has heard of a secret order, the DELTA order, a group of men, skilled in various magical arts. He hopes to recruit them in his fight against the dark, things do not go as planned and he finds himself targeted by a mysterious assassin. With the help of a young priestess he discovers the truth behind the Delta order and the sinister plan that he unwillingly set into motion.

Eh? what do you guys think? Should I expand this? I already have most of the story planned out in my notebook and every time I come back to it. I expand on it even more. 

I would love to hear some feedback or possibly some ideas? I am always open to them. 

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I made this edit for my short story I am working on. Feel free to follow this new writing blog if you like fantasy.

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